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"It is better to light one candle than curse the darkness”



Go Great Distances.

To recognize and support organizations and individuals making a difference. Bring innovators and grassroots initiatives to the global stage and allow aligned communities to connect despite geographical distances. Empowering everyone who is going great distances, in their own way, to pursue and succeed with their projects.


Deployed Projects

"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them."




Far Away is leading the way with providing community, education, and creating access and freedom with food sovereignty to those who need it most around the world.


Lobitos Peru


Lobitos is a community with a rich history of British influence, a wind powered sailing community, and more recent surf culture. Currently surrounded by a heavy oil company presence and suffering from the effects of global warming and a decline in fisheries. We are choosing to celebrate all communities, all individuals, and all ideas without limits together.

With rising water temperatures and dwindling fish populations, the community around Lobitos has been suffering.

Our team was deployed into this community to provide for sustainable education, partnering with EcoSwell, creating desalinization operations, creating kelp farms, and Educating fisherman in sustainable aquaculture practices diversifies their skillset, increases their profits, and contributes to more ecologically sound fishing practices. Growing algae in the ocean also contributes to carbon-reduction in the ocean which improves the health of the ocean ecosystem.

Fisherman’s Association of Lobitos and Algaex maintained and expanded their aquaculture program in Lobitos to include various clams and oysters, sea cucumber and algae. Algaex purchases the products of the aquaculture sites from the fisherman, reducing the economic pressure of relying on fishing alone. 


In the town of Lobitos, there are many abandoned and under-utilized buildings scattered throughout the community. Decrepit properties negatively impact the community and may raise public safety concerns. In order for the town to mobilize and address these concerns, citizens would need to invest time and/or money in the project of restoring vacant properties or enforcing regulations to encourage building upkeep. 

Through a number of interviews with local leaders, the Far Away Project team identified an under-utilized, nearly abandoned building located in Lobitos. Corita, owner of the property, is a Lobitos-born business woman and proprietor of a local restaurant which is located just adjacent to the vacant building. 

This event, organized by Mamaqucha, served as a kick-off to the community space and welcomed the people of Lobitos to participate in the meditative art of mural painting. The site is now used for events for the elderly, community gatherings, workshops and classes for local kids run by the local nonprofits and summer programming to invite more families and children into the community.



Caracas, Venezuela

Far Away partners with No Bull Foods, a California company leading the way in sustainable, organic, and nutritious MREs, Venezuelan operated Alisan Foods/Just, Inc for production and distribution for local Venezuelans. 

Alisan Foods is committed to social and environmental responsibility and entrepreneurial development in Venezuela. The company is focused on producing and distributing quality dehydrated produce grow in an environmentally sustainable manner for the benefit of Venezuelans and people around the world. Alisan’s objectives are to regionally and internationally stop food waste and solve for hunger in a sustainable and nutritious way. 

Alisan has secured production facility options outside of Caracas with rent and operating cost of under $200 a month;  fabricating an industrial-sized food dehydrator to feed the over 250 mouths every day.

Christian Sanchez is fiscally sponsored as our Entrepreneur In Residence by Far Away. He is a local to Caracas where he is managing our on the ground operations and outreach to the local community and also maintaining and partnerships with excellent organizations to receive food donations.




"Life’s most persistent and urgent questions is: what are you doing for others?"

-Martin Luther King

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Creating places for everyone




CREATE is our flagship center, coming to California in 2019. We aim to help domestic and international communities develop their own solutions by hosting accelerator sprints. To support exchange between development organizations, the cohorts will be themed by areas of expertise and unbiased to region or language.

 Proposed Center Design, 2019

Proposed Center Design, 2019